I am turning 19 soon; can I still enter the competition? 

Answer: You can participate at age 19 if you were 18 on the day the contest opened, January 22, 2019. 

Question: How do I enter? 

Answer: To enter, complete a web-based entry form and attach/upload electronic artwork files as required for the specific art category.  For detailed information on the process for entering the competition, please refer to the “Guidelines” and "How to Enter" section on the art competition web site

Question: Will there be winners from each art category and both age groups within that category? Or will there just be two winners over all? 

Answer: There will be winners selected in every category for a given age group, but also overall winners. 

Question: What is the content of the art entries supposed to be? 

Answer: The purpose of the competition is to encourage today's young people to learn about human space exploration and express their vision of “What will we do on the Moon and why is it important?" We believe that the art competition will help bring the ideas of participating youth worldwide to space exploration leaders and other youth and adults. 

Question: We want to produce a music or dance video, which guidelines should we follow? 


  • A music video could follow the video guidelines and submission process for the live action subcategory. 

Since multiple entries from the same person/group are allowed, if the music for a video is the artist(s)' original creation, he/she could also submit the music as a separate entry to the music category.

  • If dance is really the main feature of a video, then an artist should follow the guidelines and submission process for a dance video.

Question: Do we need to pre-register to participate in the competition? Do we register now or after the artist has finished the work for the contest? 

Answer: There is no pre-registration process. Artists enter the competition through the online entry system by the posted deadline of 11:59 US Central Standard Time April 30,  2019. 

Question: Can an adult (such as a teacher) submit on behalf of more than one participant? 

Answer: Yes, but an original parent or guardian signed waiver is still required for each artist. 

Question: May I submit photographs to the competition? 

Answer: Yes. Original photography is an acceptable art form for entry in the 2D visual art category. Please note that written permission must be received from all persons included in the photograph. If you plan to use photographs taken by other artists in the creation of your art, you must have permission from the original artist(s) if the photo is not in the public domain and therefore may be subject to copyright laws.